Assistant Manager--Retail
Location: 深圳
Salary: Negotiable

  • 1.Develop and accumulate client resources as well as market information, proceed negotiations with potential clients ;

  • 2.Analyze trade mix and floor plans, design retail leasing schedule/plan;

  • 3.Responsible for retail negotiations; proceed leasing deals with agreements.

  • 1.Undergraduate education, excellent written and spoken English, overseas study and working experience is preferred;

  • 2.At least 3 years working experience in retail leasing, Big Five real estate agency background is preferred;

  • 3.Proficient at retail leasing procedure , deep awareness of the retail market status of Southern China, strong brand integration and communication skills, and various retail business experience;

  • 4.Wide range of market relationships and retail businesses resources;

  • 5.High initiative and working abilities;

  • 6.Active, optimistic, enthusiastic, good team work spirit.