Finance — Finance Manger /Accountant
Location: GuangZhou
Salary: Negotiable

  • 1.Overall charge of the management of the Ministry of Finance;

  • 2.Audit, Accounting / statistical reports, pay taxes on time and checking the work;

  • 3.Inspection, supervision and anxious when the collection and management fees;

  • 4.Responsible for project expenditure accounts of the financial accounting process, responsible for auditing, control the cost of;

  • 5.Organization, to develop the property management fees, fees standard budget;

  • 1.College education, accounting and related professional graduates;

  • 2.With more than 5 years working experience in finance, with the property management industry related work experience preferred;

  • 3.Age: 30 - 45 years old;

  • 4.Familiar with financial and tax knowledge, with the ability to operate independently;

  • 5.Strong execution, organizational management and planning co-ordination;

  • 6.Conditions less may apply for the post of accountant;